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State of the Alt Protein Job Market—July 2024

We track job trends in the alternative protein industry via our comprehensive job board, Alt Protein Careers. Here are a few highlights from the last 12 months:

Trends in what companies are hiring for

  • Despite recent layoffs, the number of monthly job openings has been steady over the last 12 months

  • There have been notable increases in positions in Food Safety, Food Science, and Marketing & Sales, while the number of open jobs in HR & Administration fell in 2Q 2024, likely in correlation with internal restructurings and layoffs.

  • Logistics and Manufacturing positions remained relatively stable over the same period.

  • As of July 4, 2024, roles in Food Science made up about 16% of the total open positions, while roles in Marketing, Sales, Brand, and Business Development made up about 30% of the total open positions.

Who’s Hiring

While Meati and Prime Roots led the most total number of new roles posted over the last year (with 89 and 80 posts, respectively), current open roles are concentrated within a different mix of companies, as shown in the chart above. 

Additional companies with a comparatively high number of total job posts over the last year include Motif FoodWorks (62), Upside Foods (33), Blue Nalu (31), Nature’s Fynd (28), Impossible Foods (28), Omeat (20), and Mycoworks (19).

Where the jobs are

  • The majority of alt protein jobs in the US are in California (35%), with over 60% of those positions based in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • In terms of hiring, New York and the Greater Chicago Area have consistently been leading hubs for a diverse range of food innovation jobs.

  • The Greater Boston Area has also remained a core market for alt protein hiring, primarily driven by the area’s heavy biotech focus, including companies such as Ark Biotech, Motif FoodWorks, and Tender Food.

  • Canada has seen growth in the number of alternative protein jobs, but remains a substantially smaller hiring market compared to the US (with just over 30 new jobs being posted in Canada over the last 30 days, compared to over 500 new jobs in the US over the same period of time.)

Did we miss something? If you've found a mistake or believe we've forgotten a company or area of importance, we want to know! Send us a note so that we can improve our platform. 

This summary is just a snapshot of select data that we monitor. If you’re interested in more granular detail about the alt protein job market, please schedule an introductory call with the team at Alt Protein Partners here.  If you're hiring, please email and we'll add your industry-related job to our job board.


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