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Bringing the best people to alt protein.

We don't just find talent. We are determined to bring the top professionals to the select alt protein companies we work with—and we are tenacious, creative, and ruthlessly thorough when it comes to finding them. 

“Alt Protein is a search firm that is truly mission driven in this space! They are refreshing to partner with and give you a chance to really deep dive into bringing great talent to the cultivated meat/alternative protein space. I always trust our mission and company are being properly represented when we work together.” 

Hilary Wong, Director, People Operations, Mission Barns

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Our approach.

We are driven by our mission to support alternative protein companies that reduce the consumption of animal products. We do this by finding and recruiting the best talent possible to companies that we believe have a high potential for impact. 

We meticulously cherry-pick the best people in biotech, biopharma, big food companies, and other industries. Our talent network includes individuals already working in the alternative protein industry but are interested in making a switch. While generally, we strive to expand the number of professionals in alt protein, we feel that helping professionals find the right role at a company that is best fit for them is important for the success of the alternative protein industry. 

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Our partners.

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